Client Testimonials

Through our eleven sessions together, Jake educated me through example, demonstration, and language to become more conscious about how I stand, how I walk, how I breath, and how emotions settle in my body. I am grateful for yet another tool to not only help my body, but also raise my consciousness and improve the quality of my life.
Vickie Hawkins-Clanton, MA, MFT

I am very happy to give this letter of recommendation on behalf of Jake Schultz. I find his work to be invaluable in the resolution and treatment of my patients with musculoskeletal abnormalities. His concepts are holistic in nature and he works not only with the sore area of the body but brings in other areas of the body when alignment seems to be the issue.His observations are quite astute and are outside of the realm that traditional medical evaluation would cover. I also find his work oftentimes more valuable that traditional therapies because of his hands-on holistic approach. I have gotten great results in many patients referred for neck, shoulder and back pain, carpal tunnel syndrom, as well as a variety of myofascial syndromes. I would recommend him personally and his work generally at any time and in any situation where muscular pain is an issue.
David Salter, M.D.

In addition to being an excellent hands-on bodyworker, Jake is a fine teacher, and coach. Through bodywork and education, he has helped me to take responsibility for my own health and wellbeing. Hellerwork has given me tools for working with conditions that might have been targets for surgery and are instead, reasons to exercise and be more conscious of how I move and use my body. I view my regular sessions with Jake as responsible maintenance for this wonderful machine we call our body. He not only has helped me deal with problems, he has helped me to identify and correct bad habits before they become problems.
Kathrin Burleson, Artist

I feel lighter and freer in my body. I’m more aware of misalignment patterns and how to adjust my body to correct them.
Prema Irelan, Yoga Instructor

I have been seeing Jake Schultz, a practitioner of Hellerwork for an eleven session series. I have scoliosis and had two Harrington rods fused to my spine. These rods have been removed and my curature somewhat improved, but I still had severe back pain, stiffness, neck, shoulder and joint pain.

I have found Hellerwork is a successful tool for dealing with scoliosis and the resulting body misalignment, and muscle and joint pain. Due to the relief I have gotten from Hellerwork, I have been able to be more active, and take part in exercises which help my back. I hope that Hellerwork will some day be an option covered by medical insurance policies for those patients who can and do get relief from it.
Leah G.