What is Hellerwork?

Hellerwork is an integrating process combining structural bodywork, movement education and dialogue, in an exploration of how your body reflects your mind.

The aim in Hellerwork is to become increasingly free of set patterns, both mentally and physically, and to enhance your ability to adapt more easily to life’s changes.

Hellerwork allows you to use your body in the best possible manner.


The bodywork component is a ‘hands on’ process where the practitioner works to release the chronic tension and rigidity in your body. This returns you to a more balanced posture.

Movement Education

Movement education helps you become aware of your set movement patterns and assists you in bringing balance and alignment to your movement. This in turn, prevents the return of tension to your body.


Verbal Dialogue allows you to recongnize your on-going attitudinal patterns which contribute to tension in your body. It assists you in discovering new ways of dealing with stressful situations in life.